Techify Smart Assistant

Automate Business Processes using WhatsApp 24x7

What is Smart Assistant?

Techify Smart Assistant empowers you and your customers to communicate  using WhatsApp. Its not just a chat-bot as It automates the business processes with minimal human intervention and solves customer queries and requests in real time, all the time. It provides high quality customer service and reduces costs and resources up to 90%.

Our team carefully study your business processes and software in use and suggest the customized version of Smart Assistant. Every business is different so does every deployment of the Smart Assistant. It is designed from ground up to be flexible and customizable. It is integrated with several business software and can be integrated with others in minimal time.

Can i serve my customers 24x7 without a customer support center?

Yes! Techify Smart Assistant automates your customer services 24×7 using latest AI technologies to keep your business online all the time. Its not just chat! Its complete automation of complex business processes with just button clicks on the customer side right from within their favorite WhatsApp. No other app to install, no signup, no waiting queue, no troubles at all.

Can it be more easier than this for your customers and you?

1. 24x7 availability

Stay available to customers 24x7 without additional staff

2. Customizable

Customizable workflow to meet your business needs.

3. Secure

The advanced encryption algorithms to secure your data.

4. Automation

Automate your frequent, resource intensive workflows & processes

5. Cloud-Based

Cloud-Based with advanced AI based Platform

6. High ROI

Reduce human resources & operational costs while improving service quality and availability

7. Real-time

Real-time responses and actions to customer queries.

8. Accessible

Accessible on any device at anytime, anywhere.

9. Premium Support

Premium 24x7 support so you can have a peace of mind.

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