Why your business should use WhatsApp smart assistant chatbot

smart assistance chatbot

As we know that Whatsapp is the most popular messaging service app worldwide. There are More than 2 billion active users per month. More than 100 billion messages are sent each day on WhatsApp. Initially, it was started as a medium to connect with friends and family. But now considered as a potential medium for businesses to engage with clients.

WhatsApp Business App

Due to its popularity and worldwide use, Whatsapp launched a business version of WhatsApp. It allows small businesses to get in touch with their customers who are using regular WhatsApp applications. Customers do not really need any special app to get in touch with their businesses. Users will also know whether they are interacting with the business account or a regular one.

Features of WhatsApp Business App

Whatsapp business app is built to help small business owners to reach their clients and show their products. Using the WhatsApp Business application important information can be accessed by your customers.

  • Contacts details
  • Website link
  • Business hours
  • Brief description of your business
  • E-mail ID
  • Store address
  • physical location

WhatsApp smart assistant chatbot

With the help of Whatsapp business API, WhatsApp business chatbots are built to instantly reply to customers’ queries. Whatsapp smart assistant chatbot is a program powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) and runs on Whatsapp. People communicate with Whatsapp chatbots via a normal chat interface just like talking to a real person. Businesses are increasingly using Whatsapp chatbots to increase engagement and business visibility techify.ae provides you with a techify smart assistant chatbot product to automate your business processing using Whatsapp 24×7.

Benefits of WhatsApp smart assistant chatbot

Using Whatsapp smart assistant chatbot you can reach a wider audience. Clients get an instant answer to their questions without waiting long for a support agent.

For Business Owners

  • Available to all small, medium, and larger businesses
  • Enhancing customers relationship
  • Make your business available 24×7
  • Customizable to meet your business needs
  • Build brand awareness
  • Reduce human resources
  • Cloud-based with advanced AI
  • Reduce people-to-people interaction

For Clients

Using Whatsapp smart assistant chatbots Clients can gain the following benefits

  • Instant reply to clients
  • High clients satisfaction rate
  • End- to end- encryption
  • save time and money
  • Accessible on any device at anytime
  • Additionally, users are already familiar with the layout and functioning of the app.
  • Businesses are available over an already-available popular platform rather than downloading a different app.

Techify Smart Assistance Chatbot

Techify Smart Assistant empowers you and your customers to communicate using WhatsApp. It’s not just a chatbot as It automates the business processes with minimal human intervention.Techify smart assistance can be customizable to any business. Techify features include

  • Integrated with several business software
  • Provide 24×7 availability
  • Advanced encryption algorithm to secure your data
  • Real-time responses and actions to customer queries.
  • Accessible on any device at any time, anywhere.
  • Cloud-Based with advanced AI-based Platform
  • reduces costs and resources 

One of the best advantages of a Business chatbot is that it can build a long-term relationship with your customers with 24×7 support.

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